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Custom Resolution


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Custom Resolution

Save/Open Custom Resolution


Custom Resolution

- Save and open customized resolution of the 3D Garment as needed.

- Select the   Custom Resolution tool from the 3D toolbar.

Save/Open Custom Resolution

- Select the  Custom Resolution tool from the 3D toolbar.

- The Custom Resolution widget will appear on the right top corner of the 3D window.

  • Save Custom Resolution
    - Click on the Add icon on the right top corner of the Custom Resolution widget. 。

    - Current resolution will be saved and listed in the Custom Resolution widget.

    - The resolution includes Particle Distance, Add’ll Thickness - Collision/Rendering, Avatar Skin Offset, and Simulation Preset.

  • Open Custom Resolution
    - Double click the saved custom resolution to return to its resolution setting while working on the 3D Garment.

    - The custom resolution will be reflected on the 3D Garment.
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