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Layer Clone (Under)


Layer Clone (Under)

- Duplicate a Pattern in its draped state and place it directly under the original Pattern.
Sewing Lines will be automatically applied to the Pattern outlines and Internal Lines to connect the cloned Pattern to the original Pattern.

- The Layer Clone (Under) function is efficient when creating a double-layered Garment such as padding, collar, cuffs, and more.

- Select the  Transform Pattern tool or the Edit Pattern tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Navigate to the 2D window and right click on the Pattern to be cloned and select Layer Clone (Under) from the pop-up menu.

- The cloned Pattern will follow along the mouse. Click on the 2D window to place the cloned Pattern.

- In the 3D window, the cloned Pattern will be directly placed under the original Pattern and its Pattern outlines and Internal Lines will be sewn to the original Pattern.

- The cloned Patterns will be highlighted in light green in the 2D window and the linked editing will be applied.

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