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Line (Avatar)


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Line (Avatar)

Use Line (Avatar)


Line (Avatar)

- Draw shapes or lines along Avatars or objects which will be the basis when extracting the Patterns.

- Select the   Line(Avatar) tool from the 3D toolbar.

- Or, navigate to Main Menu and select 3D Garment ▶ Line (Avatar)

Use Line (Avatar)

  • Draw Patterns

    - After selecting the   Line (Avatar) tool, click on the Avatar or the object in the 3D window to create the start point.

    - Click along the Avatar or the object to create the desired shape.

    - Hold down the Ctrl key while drawing the shape to create a curved line.

    - To complete the drawing as a closed shape, click the start point.

    - To complete the drawing as a line, double click the end point.

    - In order to extract the Pattern properly when using the Flatten tool, the shape must be closed.

  • Divide Patterns

    - Draw a closed shape with the  Line (Avatar) tool.

    - To divide the shape and extract more than one Patterns from the shape, draw lines adjacent to the shape outline.
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  • Avatar

    Edit line AVATAR, does not work!!!
    a) it is not possible to delete individual line segments, always be delete all other lines.
    b) it is not possible to cross the lines and created new intersection.
    Previous versions of CLO have all been able to work,
    the new version does not.

  • Avatar

    I have just download the trial version and it seems there is no avatar available. Is that correct? Is there no avatar to work with in the trial version of CLO?
    Let me know if it's me who didn't look well enough in the library :)