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Create Custom Texture Image


  • dutchesse1

    What would the recommended image size be to for repeat patterns, graphics, etc ...?
    Colorway can start acting really slow when I start having fun with multiple image files in there (which I am sure is likely due to some of the large image files I am using)

    Cheers :)

  • virjny

    why i can't get my own print frabric AND a clo texture ? (as i have to put my print in texture section i can't get the texture of the fabric). It's not possible to download the print in the color section.

  • adriabra

    Why can't I find anywhere how to import my own fabrics/art into the libraries?

  • rachelxchuang

    I have the same issue! have you figure it out?

  • carlossanjuan

    Which is the size right size for the "SwatchOn fabric image" to import it to CLO?

  • corsarovanessa20

    Ho un problema dopo aver ritagliato l'immagine. Nel video si vede che viene selezionata una parte di tessuto e poi File>New, ma quando io clicco new spunta solo un nuovo progetto bianco e non c'è più la selezione che avevo fatto. cosa devo fare??