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Line (3D Pattern)


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Line (3D Pattern)

Create Line (3D Pattern)


Line (3D Pattern)

- Draw lines on draped 3D Garment in the 3D Window.

- Select the  Line (3D Pattern) tool from the 3D toolbar.

Create Line(3D Pattern)

- Select the  Line (3D Pattern) tool from the 3D toolbar.

- Click on 3D Garment where the start point of the line should be created.

- Move the mouse as a yellow point follows along and a black segment connecting two points is created.

- Click as needed to create desired shape of line.

- Hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard to create the curve.

- Double click the end point or click the start point again to create a line or a shape, respectively.

- As the line or the shape is completed, it will be highlighted in yellow.

- The created line or shape will appear on 3D Garment and on 2D Pattern as baseline.


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