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Fold Arrangement


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Fold Arrangement

Fold Patterns

Check Fold Angle

Sync Fold Arrangement Angle


Fold Arrangement

- Fold Patterns based on internal lines and sewing lines in the 3D window.

- Select the Fold Arrangement tool from the 3D toolbar.

- Or, navigate to the Main Menu and select 3D Garment ▶ Fold Arrangement

Fold Patterns

- To use the Fold Arrangement tool,there must be fiducial lines such as Internal Lines and Sewing Lines on Patterns.

- Click on the Internal Line or the Sewing Line which the Pattern will fold base on.

- When the Gizmo tool appears, click and drag to fold the Pattern towards the desired direction.

Check Fold Angle

- The Fold Angle of the selected Internal Line or the Sewing Line will change automatically and will be reflected in the Property Editor.

- Fold the Pattern with the  Fold Arrangement tool and check the Fold Angle.

- To create a crisp fold, adjust the Fold Angle to 0 or 360 as desired.


Sync Fold Arrangement Angle_ver4.2.0

- Toggle on or off Sync Fold Arrangement Angle

- Navigate to Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ 3D ▶ Arragement

- Toggle off the Sync Fold Arrangement Angle option.

- The Fold Angle is not changed when Pattern is fold with the Fold Arrangement tool.

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