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Edit Puckering


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Edit Puckering

Select Puckering

Edit Length

Move Puckering

Puckering Right Click Pop-Up Menu

Edit Puckering Properties


Edit Puckering

- Select and edit Puckerings in the 2D window.

- Select the  Edit Puckering tool from the 2D toolbar.

- Or, navigate to and select Main Menu ▶ Materials ▶ Puckering ▶ Edit Puckering.

Select Puckering

- With the  Edit Puckering tool selected, click on the Puckering on the 3D Garment.

- The selected Puckering will be bolded.

Edit Length

- With the  Edit Puckering tool selected, click and drag either end of the Puckering towards the direction it will be abridged or extended.

Move Puckering

- With the  Edit Puckering tool selected, click and drag the Puckering. Release the mouse to complete.

Puckering Right Click Pop-Up Menu

- With the  Edit Puckering tool, right click on the Puckering to access the pop-up menu.

  • Select All with Same Property

    - Select all Puckerings that have the same property with the selected Puckering.

  • Assign to New Puckering

    - A new Puckering item will be added to the Object Browser and the newly created Puckering item will be applied to the selected Puckering.

  • Delete

    - Delete the selected Puckering.

    - Select the Puckering and hit the Delete key on the keyboard.

Edit Puckering Properties

- Modify each Puckering’s properties individually.

- Select the  Edit Puckering tool. The selected Puckering’s properties will appear in the Property Editor.

  • Name

    - View and edit the name of the selected Puckering.

  • Puckering Property

    - Select the Puckering item.

    - The Puckering list is the same with the list in the Object Browser.

  • Extend Start/End

    - Extend the Puckerings to the Pattern outline.

    - Toggle on when Puckering is not adjacent to the Pattern outline.

  • Puckering Placement (Only Applicable to Seamline Puckering).

    - Decide on which side of the seamline the Puckering will appear.

    - You can show the Puckering on either side or on both sides of the seamline.


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