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Troubleshooting AI Import Failures


  • michellesbody

    I managed to upload a pdf file that is 27.9MB. However the uploaded file does not show the original picture, I can only see black colour blank piece.

  • Lea

    Hi @michellesbody,
    Would you please share the problematic pdf file via any platform you would like to use?
    Additionally, do you face the problem with all pdf files or just one?

  • saltine

    Only the note regarding enclosing all curves within a rectangle was useful. Modern versions of Illustrator no longer have the 'Create PDF Compatible File' option available. I had a dxf of the drawing (a single outline) but because it wasn't structured with the layer requirements of the arcane aama standard it wasn't accepted either. There is a remarkable 8 step solution to this here, but requires yet another software import/export so good luck with that...

  • lenamerrin

    I managed to solve the case 1 issue only by retracing the pattern. This way the path was definitely closed and the file imported without an issue.

  • bdclub

    I keep having problems importing my PDF blocks into Clod. I really think you should solve this and this should not be an issue, it should be straight forward.

  • kurtho

    I keep having problems importing my .ai/.pdf blocks into CLO as well. Tried the solutions in Case 1 but still in vain. When I go for higher import with pattern unit = meter the application just stop responding. This is an issue that requires immediately fix. Please look into it thanks.

  • liesje

    I might have found a workaround for case1 (point to close).
    After removing excess/too close points and re-joining them, I lock the pattern and trace it. Ahter tracing it, I delete the pattern pieces that were causing trouble. The tracing ensures a closed shape and there is no more issue importing it.