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Create 3D Pen (Avatar)



Draw lines on an Avatar and extract Patterns.


Main Menu ▶ 3D Garment ▶ 3D Pen (Avatar)

3D Toolbar ▶
Line_Avatar.png 3D Pen (Avatar)


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below: 

    Main Menu ▶ 3D Garment ▶ 3D Pen (Avatar)

    3D Toolbar ▶ Line_Avatar.png 3D Pen (Avatar)

    → If there is a Garment on the Avatar, the Garment appears translucent.

  2. Hover the mouse over the Avatar.
    → A black dot follows the mouse.

  3. Click on the desired position on the Avatar to create lines or shapes.
    → The lines or shapes appear on the Avatar in black. 

  4. Click on the start point to complete drawing the line.
    → The lines or shapes are created on the Avatar.

※ Note: 

  • To create a curve point while drawing lines on the Avatar, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click on the Avatar.

  • Hit the Delete key on the keyboard to cancel the latest action or hit the Esc key or Ctrl+Z to cancel all actions.

  • All lines and shapes drawn on the Avatar are saved when you save the file in Project, Garment, or Avatar file format.



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  • Avatar

    Hi, when I want to draw a curved line and try to draw while pressing the Ctrl, it only allows me to draw straight lines. Any ideas why?