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Extract Patterns based on lines and shapes created on an Avatar.

※ Note: The Flattening function only extracts closed shapes as Patterns.



Main Menu ▶ 3D Garment ▶ Flatten

3D Toolbar ▶ Flatten.png Flatten


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below: 

    Main Menu ▶ 3D Garment ▶ Flatten

    3D Toolbar ▶ Flatten.png Flatten

    → Points no longer appear and only lines appear on the Avatar.

  2. Hover the mouse over the shape to be extracted as Pattern.
    → The area to be flattened appears in light blue.

  3. Select all areas to be extracted by holding Shift on the keyboard, then clicking on the desired areas.
    → The selected areas are highlighted in yellow.

  4. Hit Enter on the keyboard. 
    → The selected areas on the Avatar are converted to patterns and appear in both the 3D and 2D windows.
    → The default Fabric is applied to all Patterns created with the Flatten tool.
    → Sewing lines are automatically established for adjacent Patterns.

    → The lines remain on the Avatar.




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  • Avatar

    Hi. What reason could there be for an area not to flatten?
    I've created lines around a left arm and flattened the lines. However the are will not flatten. PLEASE ASSIST. My email is