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[Style Property] Save Created Image as Topstitch File



Save customized Topstitch images in a *.sst format file. 



Object Browser ▶ Topstitch Tab ▶ Default Topstitch 



  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Object Browser ▶ Topstitch Tab ▶ Default Topstitch 

    → Properties of the selected Topstitch appear in the Property Editor. 

  2. Navigate to the Property Editor ▶ Type and select Texture from the drop-down menu.

  3. Under the Material section, select the same structured Topstitch to the one customized.    

  4. Navigate to the Property Editor ▶ Material ▶ Texture and then click on the Topstitch image icon or the Search button.
    → The Open file window appears.

  5. Find the path to the customized images and select the one only with the name of Topstitch (ex. "zigzag.png") and click Open.
    → The program automatically saves all five images in *.sst file according to the defined naming rule.
    → The image is loaded in actual size which is approximately 2cm and it may look bigger than other preset Topstitches.

  6. Navigate to the Property Editor ▶ Material ▶ Preset and enter desired value to the Stitch Width menu (ex. 5mm) to adjust its size.

  7. On the right top of the Property Editor, there is a Save button. Select to save.
    → The Save file window appears.

  8. Enter the desired name and location and save.
    → The Topstitch is now being saved in *.sst file format.
※ Note:
  • Topstitches are classified into two different types depending on the presence and absence of the Stitch Width property. For example, when adding a zigzag-style top stitches, select Overlock or Zigzag as its width needs to be adjustable. 

    Without Width Property Default (Single Needle)
    Default Offset 0
    Pick Stitch 
    With Width Property Overlock
    Bar Tack

  • Make sure all of the Topstitch image files are located in the same path as it will not be saved in the SST file properly. 

  • The image is bigger than the actual size to prevent distortion in resolution when enlarging the image.

  • Drag and drop the saved SST file directly onto the Topstitch Item List or open it by pressing the Open button in the Property Editor. Adjust the property details such as the Length, Offset, Thread Thickness or Color likewise any other Topstitch styles. 
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