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Zipper Tape Properties



Modify the Zipper tape properties.



3D Toolbar ▶ Toolbar_3D_Select_Move.png Select/Move ▶ Zipper Tape (Click On Zipper Tape)▶ Property Editor


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    3D Toolbar ▶ Toolbar_3D_Select_Move.png Select/Move ▶ Zipper Tape (Click On Zipper Tape)▶ Property Editor

    → The properties of the selected Zipper Tape appears in the Property Editor.
  2. Modify the Zipper Tape properties based on the available options below:

    Zipper Property Editor
    Menu Item Description
    Name Rename the Zipper Tape.
    Line Length Displays the 2D Length of the Zipper Tape.
    It is not possible to edit the length in the Property Editor.
    Width Set the width of the Zipper Tape (0.5 ~20.0).
    The texture image changes based on the width entered.
    Thickness Set the Zipper Tape Thickness. (0 ~ 10.0)
    Particle Distance Adjust zipper tape's Particle Distance (1.0~700.0) (ver4.1).
    Fasten Zipper Zip or unzip the Zipper.
    Fold Strength Adjust the Strength of the fold for Sewing between the Zipper and Pattern (ver3.2).
    Angle Express flattened Zippers by adjusting the Fold Angle for sewing between the Zipper and Pattern (ver3.2).
    Material Texture Modify the Zipper Tape texture image.
      Normal Map Add a Normal Map for the Zipper Tape.
      Desaturation Desaturate the current color applied to the Zipper Tape.
    Color Set the color for the Zipper Tape.
      Ambient Intensity
    (Below ver4.0)
    Express the affect of the Ambient Light.
    The higher the value, the brighter the Ambient Light.
      Diffuse Intensity
    (Below ver4.0)
    Control the intensity of the applied texture image and color.
    (Above ver4.0)
    Select material type of the Zipper Tape 
    Specular Color
    (Below ver4.0)
    Set the Specular Color for the Zipper Tape.
      Shininess Modify the sheen of the Zipper Tape.
      Specular Map Add a Specular Map for the Zipper Tape.
      Emission Color Set the color that emits from the Zipper Tape.
    Opacity Adjust the Opacity of the Zipper Tape (ver4.1.0).
    Physical Property
    Apply physical properties to the selected zipper tape.
    Preset  Select and apply previously created physical properties.
    Detail  Configure detailed properties to express materials other than those provided in the Preset.

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