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[Size Editor] Adjust Avatar Size (ver 4.2 and below)


  • jcroll

    Is there an option to adjust cup size/breast volume?

  • maritkalark

    I too would love an option to modify cup size/breast volume. Now my avatar's rib cage is too big while the bust is too small. Also, the head editing needs some work. I need a 22" circumference head, but when I try to increase the head size, it barely increases the cranium while making the cheeks/jaw huge instead. In real life, cheeks don't increase with head size.

  • barlowbrooklyn

    I also am going to suggest a better head circumference editor. Also I wish there was a way to input the exact number you want for the size instead of having to move the bars. as they can be difficult to adjust correctly.

  • mise

    I am not given the option for 4 different body types.

  • cris183

    Is anyone from CLO actually looking at these comments?