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[Size Editor] Adjust Avatar Size (ver 4.2 and below)


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Four Standard Body Types

Body Type Control Reference Points and Names

Avatar Size



Transform avatar's body into four different types; Slim Tall, Heavy Tall, Slim Short, Heavy Short and make specific adjustments on avatar size.


Main Menu ▶Avatar ▶ Avatar Editor ▶ Avatar Size


Four Standard Body Types

  1. Load an Avatar (.avt).

  2. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Main Menu ▶Avatar ▶ Avatar Editor ▶ Avatar Size ▶ Body Type

  3. Select desired body type.
    →The avatar's body type is now being changed in the 3D window.

Body Type Control Reference Points and Names

The numbers highlighted in green represent straight length between joints. Numbers for such 'arm length' or 'back length' use different measurement method from garment making.

Avatar Size

  1. Load an Avatar (.avt) Open/Save.

  2. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Main Menu ▶Avatar ▶ Avatar Editor ▶ Avatar Size ▶ Body Type

  3. First, adjust the height and width in 'Body Type' while checking the measurements on avatar. 

  4. Adjust items in 'Height/Length' and 'Width' groups to change the avatar's detailed body measurements.

※Note: Adjusting the body type after adjusting the detailed body measurement resets all the previous body measurement values.

Body Space

Body Type   Changes between four standard body types by clicking.
Height   Refers to the height from avatar's heel to top of the head, disregarding the heel of the shoes.
  Change the value by adjusting scroll-bar.
Width   Uses the waist circumference measurement as the standard. Change the overall width by adjusting scroll-bar.
Height   Adjusts the height of avatar's main joints.
  'To Neck', 'To Waist', 'To Hip' and 'To Knee' refer to their heights in relation to avatar's heel.
Length   Adjusts the length of avatar's main parts.
Width   Changes the extent of avatar's circumference or width.
  'Head', 'Hand' and 'Foot' show each body part's width.
Unit   Changes the measurement unit. 

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  • Avatar

    Is there an option to adjust cup size/breast volume?

  • Avatar

    I too would love an option to modify cup size/breast volume. Now my avatar's rib cage is too big while the bust is too small. Also, the head editing needs some work. I need a 22" circumference head, but when I try to increase the head size, it barely increases the cranium while making the cheeks/jaw huge instead. In real life, cheeks don't increase with head size.

  • Avatar

    I also am going to suggest a better head circumference editor. Also I wish there was a way to input the exact number you want for the size instead of having to move the bars. as they can be difficult to adjust correctly.

  • Avatar

    I am not given the option for 4 different body types.

  • Avatar

    Is anyone from CLO actually looking at these comments?