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Quadrangular/Triangular Mesh



Convert synchronized 3D Garments into quadrangular or triangular mesh structures. 

※Note: Please refer below explanation on different usages of Quadrangular Mesh versus Triangular Mesh. As the program speed may differ due to the difference in their intrinsic characteristics, please select most appropriate Mesh Type based on your needs. To use our program most efficiently, however, we strongly suggest you to set all Pattern Mesh to Triangular when editing 3D Garments, and then change ONLY necessary Patterns' Mesh type to Quadrangular to complete the Garment.

  • When to Use Triangular MeshAll Cases, except for special cases needed to use Quadrangular Mesh.

  • When to Use Quadrangular Mesh: When a detail of 3D Garment needs to round smoothly such as shirts collar or piping.


Pattern Property EditorMiscellaneousMesh Type Quad / Triangle

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