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Cache Animation Export



Export Animation cache data.

※ Note: You can export only the cache data of garments. 


Main Menu ▶ File ▶ Export ▶ Animation

  • Maya Cache (.mc)

  • Maya Cache (.mcx)

  • Point Cache 2

  • MDD Cache (Standard)

  • MDD Cache (Maya/3ds Max)


  1. Click the tool/menu indicated.
    → The Save File window appears.  

  2. Select the desired file and click OK.
    The Export window opens.

  3. Set the full details and click OK.



    Unweld/Weld Object Export the selected objects as unweld or weld objects. 

    ※ Note: This option is removed from 6.2 and above. 


    Exports the Vertex (points of the mesh) of the parts of the pattern

    that are sewn together into one line into multiple objects.

    ※ Thickness exports for quad meshes available beginning version.


    Combines the Vertex (points of the mesh) of the parts of the pattern

    that are sewn together into one line into one point.

    Selected Pattern: Weld based on the sewing line that connects the selected patterns.


    Ensures that the thickness will not be exported even if the rendering thickness value is increased beforehand.


    Exports a pattern with its rendering thickness values in its increased state.

    Combined UV Coordinates: Exports all Garment Pattern texture data fit UV Coordinates ranging from 0 to 1.

    ※Note: Unified Texture export multiple layers of texture information as a single UV texture information.

    Scale Adjusts the scale of the file being exported when a value is entered or the desired unit from Unit in file to import is selected.
    Axis Conversion Changes the directions of each axis of the object.

    Entire Area (saves all of the recorded garment animation.)

    Play Area Only (saves only the play area garment animation.) 


    Save With Texture Files (.zip): Exports the .obj file, .mtl file, and texture images used in the garment as one compressed file when exporting animation.

    Save with Meta Data (.xml) : Export the garment's pattern (Mesh), physical property, and sewing information as Meta Data (ver2.3.0).

    Diffuse Color Combined on Texture: Combine and save the garment's texture image and color as a single image (ver2.2.0).

    Exclude Ambient Color (for Modo): Exclude the Ambient color value when saving materials (ver2.2.0).

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