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2D Pattern - Exporting Patterns from Gerber(Gerber Pattern Design)



Export patterns as a DXF file from Gerber in order to use them in CLO.


  1. Load the pattern to be exported, and click File ▶ Export.

  2. Click on the patterns to be exported.

  3. Upon clicking the pattern, the Export window will open up, as shown below. Set the File Type to Amma (*.dxf) and press the Options button on the bottom.

  4. Check all the sections and press OK.

  5. When a window like the one shown below appears, press OK to continue.

  6. Ensure that there are no irregularities in the exported pattern, and press Close to complete the export.

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    Gerber is now updated to version 10....This is an old version

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    Mai Cheetham

    I imported Gerber V12 pattern according to the information above however a notch doesn't show. It comes out as a point.
    I tried to open a rule table but it doesn't open. The message said file type not supported.
    All points have been cut so I need to convert to a curve point.

    Please let me know how to solve those issues.