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Adjust Buckling Stiffness



Adjust how much percentage (%) of total Bending intensity to use to decide the Buckling Stiffness of the corners of Fabric. This is used alongside Bending-Weft/Warp. For instance, entering a Buckling Stiffness of 80 when Bending value is 60, is going to result in the Bending value of the actual intensity of the part of the Fabric being folded being 80% of 60 which is 48. In other words, the higher the Buckling ratio, the harder it is to fold the corners of fabric, and on the other hand, the lower the the ratio, the easier it folds. 


Object Browser ▶ Fabric Property Editor ▶ Physical Property ▶ Detail ▶ Buckling Stiffness-Weft/Warp 


※Note:  Adjust Buckling Stiffness for bias by using Buckling Stiffness - Bias (ver.5.1.0).

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