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Change Pose by Collada's Joint Information



※ Note: Only available for file formats with avatar joint information. In this case, COLLADA is being used.

As avatar's joints move as the pose changes, it is able to change avatar pose while keeping the stimulation stably even if there is a large difference between the starting and the end poses. However if the avatar is formatted via DAZ Studio, some composition form information may be lost during the process. Therefore there is a need to load the posed avatar's OBJ file and adjust garments after changing the pose. 

(The avatar's OBJ file only saves the composition form information, there is no danger of losses in the loading process.)


  1. Export a T-pose avatar which can be easily draped and an avatar with the final pose in COLLADA files. To find out export methods from DAZ Studio and Poser in details, check 3D File (COLLADA) Import for the reference.

  2. After exporting the COLLADA files, export the avatar poses in OBJ files.

  3. Load a posed COLLADA file from the previously saved avatars in CLO 3D/MD.

  4. Click File ▶ Save ▶ Pose to save current avatar as POS file.
    After dressing T-pose avatar, this file is going to be used when changing current pose.

  5. Click File ▶ Open ▶ Avatar to open the previously saved T-pose COLLADA file. 
    Dress the avatar with desired garments.

  6. Now Click File ▶ Open ▶ Pose to open the previously saved POS file.
    The avatar slowly changes poses. It may take a while depending on the complexity of the garments. 

  7. After the pose changes, load an OBJ file without any loss and adjust garments.
    Click File ▶ Import ▶ OBJ to open the previously saved final pose OBJ file. Highly positive to observe garments being under the avatar's surface. 

  8. While simulation is being activated, drag out the parts that are gone under the avatar's surface by using left mouse button. To find more details in Select/Move tool, check Move Garment for the reference.

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