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Set Shortcuts



Change the default settings of the software menu according to user preference in User Settings.

Upon restarting, the user settings of the software becomes the default settings. 

Shortcut keys, menus, graphic options, view controls, default files, font settings and other miscellaneous properties can be set in User Settings.


Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ Shortcuts


  1. Navigate to the menu as below:

    Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ Shortcuts

    Action   Shows the menu and functions.

    Shortcut Key

      Sets the shortcut keys for the selected menu.
      Click on the menu to set a shortcut key for a function and press the desired key on the keyboard.

※ Note:
 It is possible to return to the original default settings by clicking on the Restore the Default Shortcut Keys button at the bottom of the window

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    Annika Andersson

    How can I change the shortcut for 'navigation'?

  • Avatar

    where is saved the shortcuts file in order to copy from one user to the other...

    Many Thanks

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    My hotkeys disappeared and I had to re-enter them. settings > user settings> shortcuts>Display>Viewpoint and re enter the number keys corresponding with the view points i.e. 2 center front, 8center back, 6 left side, 4 right side, etc. In order to enter these you have to left click on the row and then press the key you want to correspond. So for front: click on Front and then press 2 on your keyboard, then move to the next one. This tutorial shows how to enter the key you want: