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[2D Tool] 1:N Free Sewing



Freely establish Sewing Lines on Pattern outlines and Internal Shapes/Lines to sew multiple Patterns to a single Pattern (ver2.2.0).


Main Menu ▶ Sewing ▶ Free Sewing

2D Toolbar ▶  Free Sewing 


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Main Menu ▶ Sewing ▶ Free Sewing

    2D Toolbar ▶  Free Sewing

  2. Establish the start and the end point on the Pattern outline, which is called as 1, where multiple Patterns are sewn to.

  3. Hold down the Shift key on the keyboard. 
    → The Sewing Line appears in neon color.

  4. While holding down the Shift key, establish Sewing Lines on N Patterns.
    Similar to setting regular Free Sewing Lines, be careful with Directional Notches.

  5. Release the Shift key to complete.

※ Note

  • While establishing 1:N Sewing Lines, if you click on an inappropriate segment, the segment appears in red and the Sewing Line cannot be applied. 

  • While establishing N Sewing Lines, hit the Delete key on the keyboard to cancel the last action or hit the Esc key on the keyboard to cancel all actions.
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