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[Popup] Button Right-Click Menus


  • kstone

    I can't get the pop up menu to come up for me. Ive messed with the settings and its still not working. This isn't my first time using CLO and haven't had this problem before. (Im using a magic mouse and am on a MacBook Pro)

  • tomsc

    Hi! I have the same problem, I'm working on a MacBook Pro too, last version of CLO. The right click menu doesn't work as before. For example, when I'm moving something with the Select tool before I could click the right mouse button to get a menu and write the exact measures I wanted to move, now this menu doesn't appear. How can I get it back ? Many thanks

  • smartzoe

    Hi! I had the same problem as kstone and tomsc, even though I am using PC. The pop-up worked, then I could not bring the right click pop-up menu. You might have already figured this out. But, in case... Check your User Settings on Settings on main menu. There is second line 'View Controls' and make sure to select first two drop-down menu under POP-UP MENU to be 'none' and the 3rd drop-down menu to 'Right Mouse Button'. For some reason, 'Shift' was selected in the first drop-down menu under Pop-up menu on my PC. After changing back that option to 'None', the right click button worked and I did not have same problem any longer.