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[Property] Avatar Skin Offset Setting



Avatar Skin Offset refers to the distance between the avatar's body and garments.
As the avatars and garments are composed of mesh, the avatar's body may penetrate and show through garments if the avatar's Skin Offset is low (when the distance between avatar's body and garments is close) and the Particle Distance is large. To prevent this, the avatar's default Skin Offset is set to 3mm, which is suitable for garment production. Lower the Skin Offset value for precise fitting measurement or for detailed Simulations when producing form-fitting garments. 

※ Note: Lowering the Skin Offset lowers the Particle Distance to prevent penetration of garments and also lowers the Simulation speed. It is preferable to keep the default value when working on the garments and once it is done, lower the value and Particle Distance together for fit checking or to use it as an image. 


3D Toolbar ▶  Select/Move ▶ Select Avatar ▶ Property Editor Skin Offset


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    3D Toolbar ▶  Select/Move ▶ Select Avatar ▶ Property Editor ▶ Skin Offset

  2. Enter the desired value between 0~100.
    → Skin Offset is set only in the selected area.

  3. Click  Simulate to simulate according to the set value.

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