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[Tool] Free Topstitch



Create a Topstitch to freely sew regardless of the points of Pattern or Internal Shape. 


Main Menu ▶ Materials ▶ Topstitch ▶ Free Topstitch

2D Toolbar  Free Topstitch


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Main Menu ▶ Materials ▶ Topstitch ▶ Free Topstitch

    2D Toolbar ▶  Free Topstitch

  2. Click on a point where a Topstitch begins.

  3. Move mouse to the direction where the Topstitch is going to be created.
    → The selected area appears in red color.

  4. Click on another point where the Topstitch ends.
    → The tTopstitch is now created with being highlighted.

※ Note: 

  • Click-and-drag in the 2D window to encompass all segments where Topstitches to be applied. Topstitches appear on all selected segments (ver3.2.0).

  • Use lasso selection to select Pattern Outlines and Internal Lines where Topstitches should be created on (ver3.2.0).

  • OBJ Topstitches temporarily disappear when the Simulation is activated, but they appear again when the Simulation is deactivated (ver3.2.0).

  • Right click when creating the Topstitch to enter specific length (ver4.2.0).
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