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Attach Pin to/Detach Pin from Avatar


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Attach Pin to Avatar

Detach Pin from Avatar 


Affix specific parts of the Garments to the Avatar.  
This function is commonly used for Simulation or recording animation for avoiding the Garment sliding off from the Avatar. 


3D Toolbar ▶  Select/Move or  Select Mesh (Box) or Pin (Box)


Attach Pin to Avatar

  1. Create pin to attach on an Avatar.

  2. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    3D Toolbar ▶  Select/Move or  Select Mesh (Box) or Pin (Box)

  3. Right-click on the created pin  select Attach Pin to Avatar/Attach All Pins to Avatar.
    → The selected pin is now being attached to the nearest part of the Avatar.

    ※ Note: Pins attached to the Avatar is unable to be selected or moved.


Detach Pin from Avatar

  1. Right-click on the pin attached to the avatar ▶ select Detach from Avatar/Detach All Pins from Avatar.
    → The attached pin is now being detached from the Avatar.

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