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Arrange Pattern with Arrangement Points/Flip Wrap Direction



Arrangement Points are created on the basis of the Bounding Volume surrounding the Avatar, and are arranged on the Avatar according to the Bounding Volume's curves. 

※ Note: Precise arrangement is available by using Gizmo or Property Editor even after arranging with Arrangement Points.


Avatar Display ▶  Show Arrangement Points


  1. Follow the indicated guideline:

    Avatar Display ▶  Show Arrangement Points

    → The Arrangement Points appear around the Avatar.

  2. Select a Pattern and hover the mouse over an Arrangement Point.
    → A preview of the Pattern placement is being displayed (ver2.4.0). 

  3. Select a desired Arrangement Point. 
    → The center of the Pattern is now being placed according to the selected Arrangement Point.
    → Symmetric Arrangement occurs as long as the Patterns and Arrangement Points have symmetry applied (ver3.0.0).

※ Note:

Flip Wrap Direction

Patterns that the length are longer than the Bounding Volume, such as cuffs, get arranged spiral.
Right-click on patterns in the 3D window ▶ Click Flip Wrap Direction to flip its direction.

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  • Avatar

    Hi there
    Anyone know why my garment goes in a spiral around the bounding volume instead of straight?
    Clicking on "Flip Wrap Direction" didn't change anything for me.