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Mac OS X - CLO Installation


  • welldesigned

    Hi Ive been trying to down load the trial but my MAC is not trusting your software
    I've been trying to unblock but its not allowing.
    I've been looking at the frequently asked messages on the site , and there seams to be a back log of un answered messages, which begs the question how much support you receive when subscribing at $50 per month!!

  • lisalisi4ka

    Same problem with Mac. It doesn't open because of problem with verification.

  • x3iallegra

    Same problem, when will this be fixed

  • chenisemiind

    Hi, I'm having the same problem as above. Can someone please advise on this asap???

  • mouni

    Mac is not supporting the software!

  • thedressmakerllc

    It is now August and I too can't utilize my $50 subscription on Mac. ...

  • narabanisf

    I have been running it on Mac for a few years now and it works. There are few things that are better on Windows and especially rendering/animation seems to be an issue on Mac as you can't install Nvidia Cuda due to lack of support, but in general, it is ok. I am currently running on Mojave.

  • fox021411

    i have the same issue installing on my Mac
    can you please help?!?

  • garisvet

    I've been trying to download the trial version on my Airbook M1. several times The download button seems to be unresponsive
    Please, help to resolve this issue