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License Key Update


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License Key Update

1. Creating a C2V file 

2. Updating a License Key using V2C file

3. Double checking on updated License Key

License Key Update 


Set the dongle key when the Network License users want to update their dongle key info.
(Currently only available on Windows PC)


C2V file is a file sent from the users to CLO Support Team and V2C is the other way around. This method enables the users to update their account info / product type / the number of license without changing HASP dongle key.  


→HASP dongle key

→Upadate_License.exe file
→C2V file
→V2C file

1. Creating a C2V file

  1. Plug the HASP Key (dongle) into your computer.
  2. Download and execute the Update_License.exe file by clicking the link below.
  3. Create C2V file by clicking on Collect Information as below.

  4. Once the C2V file successfully created, a message will be printed as below.

  5. E-mail the C2V file to CLO Support Team. We will generate and send you a V2C file to continue the update. 
    Email : 

2. Updating a License Key using V2C file

  1. Download the V2C file sent from CLO Support Team. 
  2. Click on the link below to access the ACC Page, then select Update/Attach in Options on the left. 
    ACC Page Link

  3. Click Choose File to find and select the downloaded V2C file. 

  4. Click Apply File.

  5. If the update is successful, the following message will be printed.

3. Double checking on updated License Key

If the License Key Update process is successfully completed, you will be able to double check by following the steps below.

  1. Open a web browser and access to http://localhost:1947 
  2. Make sure all the information is in this part.
  3. Click Features once you see the key info.

  4.  Make sure the number in the red box has been changed correctly.

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