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Add bonding effect on desired parts of a Pattern or all Patterns (ver2.3.0).


Property Editor (Internal Shapes/Pattern Only) ▶ Bond/Skive ▶ Bond


  1. Select a pattern or an internal shape to express bonding with  Edit Pattern or  Transform Pattern tools.
    → Its properties appear in the Property Editor.

  2. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Property Editor (Internal Shapes/Pattern Only) ▶ Bond/Skive ▶ Bond

    → The select Pattern/Internal Shape is now being displayed in a semi-transparent orange color.

    → By default, the same physical property as the selected Pattern/Internal Shape is now being added to the selected Pattern/Internal Shape. 

  3. Activate the Toolbar_3D_Simulation.png Simulate.
    → The bonded area is now being displayed stiffer as if an interlining has been fused.

  4. Repeat the first step again. 
    → In the Property Editor, select a desired preset to change its physical property.
    → For more detailed adjustments, click on Detail. The lists on the drop-down menu are the same as Fabric's.


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    Johanna Balzer

    Its working supergood. Just one question. I am working with superstretchy fabric (120%) and I can see in simulation mode the organe through my fabric. Its gone in render, but for the Colourway preview its a bit anoying. Is there any idea out there, how I can avoid it? Thank you. : )