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Pattern Arrangement


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Automated Arrangement

Manual Arrangement



Arrange patterns efficiently to consume the minimum amount of fabric. Then, check fabric consumption.


Mode button on the right top corner  ▶ PRINT LAYOUT



Automated Arrangement

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location.
  2. Click Nest All Patterns on the right-click pop-up menu. 
    → The Nest All Patterns window appears.

  3. Configure the options.
    Menu Description
    Number of Garment Input the number of garments to be placed on the fabric for mass production.
    Nesting All Grading Sizes Place all grading sizes of a garment on the fabric.
    Buffer Spacing (Ver 6.0) Set the spacing between patterns.
    Consumption The fabric consumption is calculated as a percentage based on the total fabric size.
    Remnant The remnant is calculated as a percentage of fabric that is not used by patterns.
    → Patterns are placed in the most optimal way, and the calculated consumption appears.


Manual Arrangement

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location.
  2. Click and drag patterns into the fabric.
  3. Or, click and drag the rotation point to rotate patterns as needed.
    →The artwork of fabric is applied to the 3D garment based on its pattern placement.

※ Note:

  • Right click on the 2D window and select Reset to Default Arrangement to rearrange Patterns to their original position.
  • Use the Align and Distribute features to arrange patterns.
  • The pattern pieces or the internal shapes that have Bonding applied are included in the Bonding tab. (ver 6.1) 


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  • Avatar

    Does the new pattern arrange feature in the latest Clo release orient the pattern pieces according to the grain line. I assume you can put a grain line on a pattern piece.

  • Avatar

    Hi, yes, when you click Reset to Default Arrangement, it reflects the grainline.
    To set the grainline of a pattern, please use the Edit Texture tool.

  • Avatar

    Hello Erica,
    Why is the print layout disabled. I am using the latest update 5.0.202

  • Avatar

    Hi there, is it possible to change the size of my pattern print layout all together? It is set to a default of 1117.6 mm fabric width. How do I reduce that number to my desired custom width?