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Edit Texture and Color



Edit the textures and colors for each colorway.


Colorway Mode


  1. Select the tool/ menu indicated in Location.
    → The color list of the fabric and trims appears. 
    All the colors used in the garments are now listed at the top above all the Materials. (ver 6.1)

  2. Select a swatch of texture/color to be changed. 
    → The material properties appear in the Property Editor. 

  3. Property Editor ▶ Materials ▶ Color.
    → The material is applied to the selected item. 

※ Note: 

  • Drag and drop textures from the Library window directly onto the 3D Garment or the Fabric list in the Object Browser.
  • Color names can be edited in Colorway Mode as well. Click on the Name field next to the color swatch and enter the desired name.
  • Click on the Show/Hide button next to a graphic to show or hide it per colorway. (ver 6.1)


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