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Change of Mode

Colorway Add/ Delete

Colorway Edit

Change Colorway Viewer 




A garment project file can be saved with various colorways and imported.  


Main Menu ▶ Change the mode at the top-right corner  ▶ COLORWAY



  Change of Mode

  1. Click the tool/menu indicated.
    → Change the mode to COLORWAY.
    → The selected colorways appear in the 3D window, then Colorway Editor appears. 



  Colorway Add/Delete

  1. Click the  mceclip0.png Add at the top-right corner in Colorway Editor.
    → The same colorways with the selected are newly added.
  2. Double click the added colorway name and rename it, then click Enter.
    → The colorway name is edited accordingly.



  Colorway Editor

  1. Click on a swatch from a colorway or an item in Object Browser.
    → Properties in the property editor appear.

  2. Change the Material.
    → The colorway in the 3D window changes to other materials.

  3. Click the Update button at the left-top corner in Colorway Editor.
    → The updates are reflected on Colorway thumbnail window.  

    ※ Note
     (ver 6.0)
    - Select the multiple swatches while holding down the Shift or Ctrl key.
    - Right click on a swatch and click Select all with the Same Color, then automatically the same color is selected within the current colorway. 



  Change Colorway Viewer

  1. Click the VIEWER button at the bottom-right corner.
    → Colorway window switches to VIEWER where you can see the colorway thumbnails only. Edit colorway is not available in VIEWER mode.

  2. Size thumbnails by controlling the scroll bar at the bottom-left corner, or arrange the thumbnails in single or multiple lines by clicking the arrangement button.
    → Colorway Layout is changed.
  3. Click the LIST button at the bottom-right again. 
    → Screen switches to LIST mode where the colorway is editable.




  1. Click on the Save Image button at the left-top corner.
    → Save Image window appears.
  2. Select either 3D Window (Colorway Thumbnail) or Colorway Editor(ver 6.0), then click OK.
    → File Explorer window appears.
  3. Save the image after choosing the saving path and file name.

    ※ Note When you save the Colorway Editor image, you can save it as PDF file in the File Explorer window. (ver 6.2)


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