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Record Animation



Record garment animation.

※ Note: Follow the link; Process of Making Garment Animation for your reference on creating garment animation in details. 


Animation Mode ▶ Animation Editor ▶  Record


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Animation Mode ▶ Animation Editor ▶  Record

    Simulation turns on automatically and it is now being recorded in frames.
    If a Transition Animation is created, the recording automatically stops at the end of the Transition Animation frame and starts again (ver2.5.0).

    ※ Note:  Transition Animation is auto-generated animation tool which automatically generates for stabilizing transition when the original Avatar pose is different to the first pose in the motion file. Once the garment and avatar arrive in a new position, it is no longer in need therefore the recording automatically stops for you to delete this unnecessary part. 

  2. Once the Avatar's motion ends, the recording automatically stops. To stop the recording while it is in process, click the  Pause button.
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    Hi I am trying to make an animation in CLO 6.1 but it will not let me record. Is it a glitch?