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2D Snapshot (1:1)


  • fopke

    after having made adjustments to a block (which I saved as a png file) I tried to save it again as a png file, but it I get a blurred/stretched versionof the block. How can I solve this?

  • michellesbody

    I need to print my patterns with seam allowance and 3 different graded sizes (with their seam allowance). How could we do that?

  • Widyanti Winarto

    Hello - I would like to print/plot the patterns in 1:1 and need to send a pdf file to the printing shop. Using print image, I can only save the image as jpeg or png, I don't have the option to select pdf when I want to prepare the marker. If I use the "export" function and prepare a plot, I don't know how to arrange as in a marker layout. Could you advise or which tutorial I might have overlooked?

  • rosewilley

    Hi, wiwinarto see this link for a video on how to export patterns as a plt file. I hope it helps: