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2D Snapshot (1:1)



Save real size 2D pattern (1:1).


Main Menu ▶ File ▶ Snapshot ▶ 2D Pattern (1:1)


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Main Menu ▶ File ▶ Snapshot ▶ 2D Pattern (1:1)

    2D window is enlarged, 2D Snapshot window appears.

  2. Set below details as needed.

  3. Locate the patterns according to the selected setting size (paper), Click Save.

      Preset   Customize or select from provided preset options.
      Orientation   Select from portrait or landscape orientation options.
      Resolution   Sets the pixels per inch for the image.
      Fabric Image    View or hide the fabric image.
      Graphic Image   View or hide the graphic image.
    Reset   Resets the options back to the program default settings.

  4. In order to save the file, enter desired file name and location, then click Save.
    The image can be saved in .png or .pdf file format.

※ Note:

  • Now you can select segments with the  Edit Pattern tool and the selected segments will be highlighted in the 2D Snapshot image (ver3.2.0).
  • Prior to saving the 2D Snapshot image, you can now arrange patterns with the  Transform Pattern tool (ver3.2.0).

  • Save the image background as transparent (ver3.2.0).

  • Toggle symmetry, instance, trims, and measurements for graphics on or off (ver3.2.0).

  • 2D snapshots can only be saved as .png format in ver4.0.0 and below.
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  • Avatar

    after having made adjustments to a block (which I saved as a png file) I tried to save it again as a png file, but it I get a blurred/stretched versionof the block. How can I solve this?

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    I need to print my patterns with seam allowance and 3 different graded sizes (with their seam allowance). How could we do that?