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3D File (FBX) Import/Export


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Import FBX / Import FBX (Add) (ver6.0)

Export FBX



By Importing an FBX file, Geometry, Material, Joint, Camera, and Camera Animation information are also imported


Import / Import (Add) FBX (ver 6.0)

Main Menu ▶ File ▶ Import/Import (Add)  ▶ FBX

Export FBX

Main Menu ▶ File ▶ Export ▶ FBX


Import FBX

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location
    → The Open File window appears.

  2. Select the desired file and click OK.
    → The Import FBX window appears.

  3. Select the settings and click OK.
    → The FBX file is imported based on the setting.




    Toggles whether the Camera data or Camera Animation data is imported.

    Animation Toggles whether the Animation data is imported.
    Cache Animation (MC) Toggles whether the Cache Animation data is imported.
    Scale Enter the number directly or select the desired unit. 


    Move Garment to Start Position 

    Jump to the position of the start frame of the motion where the garment was loaded and move it.

※ Note: Among the avatar skinning types, Dual Quaternion and Eblend are not compatible with CLO.


Export FBX

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated in Location
    → The Save File window appears.

  2. Designate the file saving path and file name, and then click OK.
    → The Export OBJ window appears.

  3. Select the settings as needed and click OK.
    → The file is exported as a FBX file based on the setting.










    Exports selected objects as Single or Multiple Objects.


    When exporting, the connected Vertex(Mesh's points) where seamlines are set in the pattern are combined into individual objects or a single point.

    Weld selected Patterns in Workspace

    Weld the selected patterns connected by sewing lines.

    Thin / Thick 

    Sets whether to export geometry of the rendering thickness.

    Unified UV Coordinates (PNG)

    Exports the texture information of all garment patterns to fit within the UV coordinate values between 0 and 1.

    Image Scale

    Set image scales.

    솔기선 텍스처 채우기

    텍스처의 테두리를 기준으로 텍스처의 범위를 넓혀주는 기능입니다.

    내부 도형 포함 의상에 포함된 내부선분의 정보도 함께 익스포트합니다.
    Option Animation When the FBX file is loaded, the animation information in the file is saved together.
    Cache Animation (MC) Save the recorded garment animation as cache data together.
    Scale Enter a number or select the desired unit from "Unit of file to be imported" and adjust the scale of the object.
    축 변환 오브젝트의 각 축의 방향을 변경합니다.


    전체 영역 

    녹화된 전체 의상 애니메이션을 저장합니다.

    재생 영역

    재생 영역의 의상 애니메이션만 저장합니다.

    파일 유형

    Select whether to save as Binary / Ascii.

    • The file is stored in binary and cannot be opened by the user.
    • Ascii: The file is saved as text so the user can open and understand it.


    텍스처 이미지
    상대 경로로 저장

    텍스처 이미지 경로 없이 텍스처의 이름만 저장합니다.따라서 저장한 FBX 파일과, 해당 파일에 사용된 텍스처 이미지가 같은 경로에 함께 있으면 텍스처 이미지를 자동으로 불러옵니다.

    텍스처 이미지
    절대 경로로 저장

    텍스처 이미지가 있던 폴더 경로를 텍스처 이미지 경로로 저장합니다. 텍스쳐 이미지의 경로가 바뀌면 텍스처 이미지를 불러올 수 없습니다.

    텍스처 파일과
    함께 저장 (.zip)

    사용된 텍스처 파일과 함께 zip 파일로 내보냅니다. 

    Diffuse Color Combined on Texture  (ver 6.0)

    When a color is applied to the texture, the color and texture are combined and saved.


※ Note: Background & props are also exported as FBX files. (ver 6.0)


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