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3D File (FBX) Import/Export


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Import FBX

Export FBX



Import a file's Geometry, Material, Joint, and Camera Animation information in the FBX file format (ver2.2.0).


Import FBX

Main Menu ▶ File ▶ Import ▶ FBX

Export FBX

Main Menu ▶ File ▶ Export ▶ FBX


Import FBX

  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Main Menu ▶ File ▶ Import ▶ FBX

    → The Open File window appears.

  2. Select the desired file and click OK.
    → The Import FBX window appears.

  3. Select the settings and click OK.
    → The FBX file is imported based on the setting.


    Toggles whether the Camera data or Camera Animation data is imported (ver2.3.0).

    Animation Toggles whether the Animation data is imported.
    Cache Animation (MC) Toggles whether the Cache Animation data is imported.
    Scale Input the Specific Value or Choose Measure.
    Axis Conversion Modifying Object's Axis direction.

※ Note: Among the avatar skinning types, Dual Quaternion and Eblend are not compatible with CLO.


Export FBX

  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Main Menu ▶ File ▶ Export ▶ FBX

    → The Save File window appears.

  2. Designate the file saving path and file name, and then click OK.
    → The Export OBJ window appears.

  3. Select the settings as needed and click OK.
    → The file is exported as a FBX file based on the setting.






    Single Object

    Exports the selected object as a single object.


    Multiple Objects 

    Exports the selected object as multiple objects.



    Exports the Vertex (points of the mesh) of the parts of the pattern

    that are sewn together into one line into multiple objects.

    ※ Thickness exports for quad meshes available beginning version 2.3.0 (ver2.3.0).



    Combines the Vertex (points of the mesh) of the parts of the pattern

    that are sewn together into one line into one point.



    Weld Selected Pattern: Weld based on the sewing line that connects the selected patterns (ver2.3.0).


    Ensures that the thickness will not be exported even if the rendering thickness value is increased beforehand.


    ※ Note:

    * When an object is exported as a single object, its texture is exported as a whole even when its sides (front, back, and side) have different textures (ver5.0.0.) 


    Exports a pattern with its rendering thickness values in its increased state.


    ※ Note: 

    * The thickness can be exported when Pattern Mesh is Quadrangular (ver2.3.0.)

    * Each side's texture is exported individually when an object's front, back, side have different textures (ver5.0.0.)

    Combined UV Coordinates: Exports all Garment Pattern texture data fit to UV Coordinates ranging from 0 to 1.

    ※Note: Unified Texture (ver3.1.0).
    Export multiple layers of texture information as a single UV texture information.

    Image File

      Designate file saving path and file name.

    • Add numbers behind the file name as below:
      ‘File Name_0’, ‘File Name_1’.

    Texture Size

      Width and Height will be saved in a fixed ratio.

      Allowance: 100 ~ 10000 Pixel

     Fill Texture Seams

     Expands the scope of the texture having its boundary line as the standard.

      Allowance: 0 ~ 15 mm

      When you type in values, preview will show in the 2D Window.


    Include Internal Shape: Internal Shape/ Internal Line information will be exported as well (ver2.3.0).
    Animation Animation: Saves the animation data that was originally imported with the FBX file.
    Cache Animation (MC): Saves the cache data along with the recorded Garment Animation.
    Scale Adjusts the scale of the file being exported when a value is entered or the desired unit from “Unit in file to import” is selected.
    Axis Conversion Changes the directions of each axis of the object.

    Entire Area (saves all of the recorded garment animation.)

    Play Area Only (saves only the play area garment animation.) 

    File File Type: Select between Binary or Ascii file type.
    • Binary: The file is saved in binary and cannot be opened by users.
    • Ascii: The file is saved as text and can be opened by users.
    Relative Texture Image File Path: Saves the texture image name without a texture image file path. Texture images are saved in the same folder as the FBX file, for automatic import.
    Absolute Texture Image File Path: Saves the file path that contained the texture images as the texture file path. If the texture image file path is changed, texture images cannot be imported.

    Save With Texture Files (.zip): Exports the .obj file, .mtl file, and texture images used in the garment as one compressed file when exporting animation.

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