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Glue OBJ Trim


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Glue OBJ Trim

Remove OBJ Trim



Glue 3D Trims onto Garments and simulate together.


Main Menu ▶ File ▶ Import ▶ OBJ


Glue OBJ Trim

  1. Select the tool/menu indicated.

  2. Select desired OBJ file and click OK to load.

  3. In the pop-up menu that appears, select Load as Trim for the Object Type, and click OK.
    → The OBJ trim is now added to the Scene Tab in the Object Browser. (ver 6.1)

  4. Click the loaded OBJ with the Toolbar_3D_Select_Move.png Select/Move tool.
    Gizmo for the selected OBJ appears.

  5. Click on the Glue icon next to the OBJ Gizmo, then mouse over the desired location.
    → OBJ preview tags along the mouse.

  6. Click on the desired location.
    → Selected OBJ automatically attaches to the place.

  7. Use the Gizmo to adjust the position and angle.

  8. Activate Simulation.
    → OBJ is now being simulated along with the rest of the Garments.

※Note: You can select multiple OBJ trims and move or rotate those by using Gizmo. (ver 6.1)


Delete OBJ Trim

  1. Right-click on the attached OBJ trim and click the Unglue menu.
    → OBJ is now being detached.

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