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Create polygon Patterns in 2D Window.


Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Create ▶ Polygon

2D Toolbar ▶  Polygon


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below: 

    Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Create ▶ Polygon

    2D Toolbar ▶  Polygon 

  2. Click on the 2D window to make the start point.

  3. Drag the mouse and click as needed to freehand a polygon.

  4. Click again on the start point to complete the polygon.

※ Note:

  • Pressing the keyboard’s Delete key while setting points to create a pattern cancels the points, starting from the most recent one. Furthermore, pressing the Esc/Ctrl+Z key during creation cancels the entire operation.

  • While making points to create a Pattern, holding down the Ctrl key and setting points turns segment points into Free Curve Points. This creates a polygon Pattern made up of curved lines.

  • Setting a Segment Point while holding down shift reveals a guideline that can move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally at a 45 degree angle according to the Segment Point.
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