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[Property] Set Sublayer



Assign orders to the Sewing Lines on a Pattern which folds on itself such as seam allowances and pleats in order to increase simulation stability.


Main Menu ▶ Sewing ▶ Edit Sewing

2D Toolbar ▶  Edit Sewing


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below: 

    Main Menu ▶ Sewing ▶ Edit Sewing

    2D Toolbar ▶  Edit Sewing

    → All established Sewing Lines appear in the 2D window.

  2. Select the Sewing Lines to set Sublayer.
    → Sewing Line properties appear in the property editor.

  3. Toggle on the Set Sublayer option.
    → A red arrow which indicates the order of the selected pair of Sewing Lines appear.

    ※ Note: The half of the seam next to the arrow head is fixed and the other half next to the arrow tail moves according to the setting.

  4. Change the Sublayer setting as needed.

    Reverse Direction

      Swap the fixed Sewing Line and the moving Sewing Line.


    Back   Decide which side of the fabric is attached to the fixed Sewing Line. 

  5. Activate Simulation.
    → Changes are applied respective to the setting.
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