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2D Pattern (DXF) Import/Export


  • mwang

    Is that possible to export grading in PDF?

  • Rahul Verma

    How do we import generic DXF files? What is the best option to convert DXF to DXF ASTM?

  • yakakazi

    Hello I have a couple questions,
    1. Where are the pattern annotations stored in CLO is it a layer, a file (DXF)
    2. Is it possible to export the DXF file with pattern annotation
    Appreciate your response

  • ramonalam

    Dear customer service at CLO !
    Cloud you please make a video on how to import pattern from lectra modaris into CLO.
    My issues is the pattern that I save only show 1 pieces at the time, so when import to CLO it only show 1 piece.

  • fioangulo

    Hello! I need some help with exporting my Clo file.
    I made my patterns and exported the file but when I open the file on AutoCAD I can't see them, the system says "press enter to continue" then, "drawing discarded".
    What can I do to fix it?

  • Denise Williams

    Hello clo I need help import pattern into clo. I've used dfx, pdf, ai it now working need a video on importing files basic traing lol 😆

  • Silvie Schaefer


    I have the same problem as fioangulo, when I export my pattern as dxf and try to look at it on Illustrator or AutoCAD, there's just no drawing. Can anyone help?

  • mwwclo

    HI! I am trying to export the nested mark as a cut file directly to a Gerber Cutter. When I nest the pattern pieces in the Print Layout Mode, the nested arrangement does not save. Is there a process to accomplish this?

  • fatima911

    Help solve the problem. Clo3d doesn't scale correctly. Square 10 * 10 cm after export open in Corel
    And there it opens with dimensions of 4.5 * 4.51 cm.
    How can this be fixed?