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Dart/ Base Dart



Create darts inside Patterns.
In CLO, Sewing Lines are established on the Pattern outline, not on the seam allowances. Therefore, sew dart Pattern outlines not its seam allowances.


Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Create ▶ Dart / Base Dart 

2D Toolbar ▶ mceclip0.png Dart / mceclip1.png Base Dart (ver 5.2)



  1. Select the tool/ menu indicated in Location. 

  2. Click-and-drag withing a Pattern to create a Dart.

  3. Or, click once within the Pattern.
    → The Create Dart window appears.

  4. Enter the desired values for the following options.

    Dimension   Enter the desired values for Width (Left,) Width (Right,) Height (Up,) Height (Down.)
      All values are measured from the center of the Dart.
    Position Outline   Designate the Dart's position within the Pattern by entering the margin between the Dart outline and the Pattern outline (ver2.5.0).
    Center   Designate the Dart's position within the Pattern by entering the distance between the center of the Dart and the Pattern outline (ver2.5.0).
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    I downloade CLO 5.1 On the 2D menu i can not find the dart icon. How does one create darts (inside a pattern, 2 sided or diamond <> darts?
    Help will be apreciated.

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    Hello, I would like to know how to create a dart that is not on the XY axis? For example, if I want to create a bust dart from the shoulder?