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Apply Texture


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via Drag and Drop

via Property Editor



Apply 2D image files to express the surface texture of Fabric.


via Drag and Drop

  1. Open a folder that contains the desired texture image in your file browser.

  2. Drag and drop the texture image onto a pattern in the 2D or 3D window. 
    → The texture of all patterns using the same Fabric will have the new texture applied.

※ Note:

  • If a texture image is already applied, the existing texture image will be replaced when applying a new texture image via drag and drop.
  • Drag and drop an image file directly from the file browser to the  __.png Open icon next to the Texture menu in the Property Editor (ver4.0.0).

  • Drag and drop an image file directly from the file browser to an object in the program, then select the correct map: texture, normal, specular (ver4.0.0).


via Property Editor

  1. Select a Fabric to apply a texture image to from the Fabric tab in the Object Browser.

  2. Follow the path: Property Editor ▶ Material ▶ Texture  Open button.
    → The Open File window appears.

  3. Find and select the desired texture image from the file browser, then load.
    → The selected texture image is now applied to the Fabric.

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