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CLO File Format


CLO File Format




Contains information on Garments, Patterns, Sewing, and Fabrics.



Compresses the various files used for Garment creation into one file, and saves it.

The Project file contains the AVT file that has Avatar-related data [Avatar, Accessories, Arrangement Bounding Volumes, Arrangement Points, Avatar size, Poses] and

the ZPac file that contains Garment-related data [3D Garments, 2D Patterns, Fabrics, subsidiary Material], as well as an animation file if there is animation.

Pattern *.pacx A CLO Pattern file format that, contains information on Patterns.
Avatar *.avt Contains all the information related to Avatars (Model, Sizing data, Poses, Motions, Accessories, Bounding Volumes, Arrangement Points).
Avatar Size *.avs Contains Avatar Size information. The Avatar file (*.avt) must be loaded before opening the Avatar Size file.



Avatar Pose information that, automatically saved whenever the Garment is saved.

The Avatar’s Pose can easily be changed with this file.

Avatar Poses from other software can only be saved when the Avatar is a COLLADA file with joints.

Joint Motion


Contains Avatar Motion information. As with the Pose file, can only be saved on COLLADA file Avatars with joint and Animation information.

Fabric *.zfab Contains the property values (texture + physical properties) of the set Fabric.

Physical Property


Contains the detailed values of Fabric Physical Properties.

Topstitch *.sst Contains the type, number of lines, thread thickness, SPI, length, etc.
Button *.btn Contains the type, size, and color of Buttons.
Buttonhole *.bth Contains the tyle, size, and color of the Buttonholes.




Arrangement Points are the blue points that are distributed around the Avatar,

and are used to arrange Patterns easily around the Avatar. Arrangement Points are created on top of the Arrangement Bounding Volume covering the surroundings of the Avatar.


Bounding Volume


Arrangement Bounding Volumes are the green cylinders covering each part of the Avatar,

and each end of a cylinder is connected to an Avatar’s joint. As such, even if the Avatar’s Pose is changed, the cylinder simply adjusts to the changed Pose and can be used as it is.

Camera Projection *.cmp Contains the camera's Field of View information (near, far, etc.).
Camera Transformation *.cmt Contains camera view information of the 3D Garment window.
Camera Properties *.cpt Contains camera properties.
Render Camera Properties *.rcp Contains Render's camera properties.
Simulation Property *.smp Contains settings for Simulation.


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