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Zoom In/Out, Rotation


In CLO, the mouse wheel and the right button can be used to zoom in, zoom out, and rotate the screen.
The Maya and 3Ds Max view control methods are also supported alongside the default view control method and interface can be modified as needed and use differently.



 Hold down the mouse wheel and drag to move the screen.
If you are using Mac's Magic Mouse, please hold down the Alt key on the keyboard and click-and-drag the left mouse key.

Zoom In/Out 

 Scroll down (zoom in) and up (zoom out) the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out the screen. 
Or, hold down Alt Key on the keyboard and the left button of the mouse simultaneously and drag up (zoom out) or down (zoom in).

※ Note: Zoom in or zoom out using the + (zoom in) and - (zoom out) keys on the keyboard (ver2.4.0.)


 Hold down the right button of the mouse and drag to rotate the 3D window.

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