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3D Garment View Controls


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Change Camera View

Zoom In/Out Shortcuts

Zoom to Selected

Zoom in and change view in the 3D window at once.


Change Camera View

Right click on the 3D window to access the pop-up menu.
Select the desired view among Front, 3/4 Left, Back, Left, Right, 3/4 Right, Top, Button, or use respective shortcuts (2, 3, 8, 6, 4, 1, 5, 0) to change camera view instantly.


※ Note: 

Camera Direction Change Standards

Using the corresponding menu while the avatar is facing a different direction on the screen changes the camera's angle according to the avatar. 


Zoom In/Out Shortcuts

Zoom In: Hold down the + key on the keyboard to zoom in the 3D window.
Zoom Out: Hold down the - key on the keyboard to zoom out the 3D window.


Zoom to Selected

Zoom in/out and rotate the 3D window using the selected Pattern or item as the focal point.
Select the desired Pattern or item in the 3D window and locate Main Menu ▶ Display ▶ Viewpoint ▶ Zoom Extends All,
Or press the shortcut key F to enlarge the selected object at a fixed scale at the middle and control the view according to it. 


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