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Curved Side Geometry



Apply and adjust curvature on edges of Patterns for more natural and realistic look (ver2.2.0).


2D Toolbar ▶  Transform Pattern / Edit Pattern


  1. Firstly, change the 3D Garment rendering style to Thick Textured Surface in the 3D window.

  2. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    2D Toolbar ▶  Transform Pattern / Edit Pattern

  3. Select a Pattern or Pattern line to express curved sided effect.
    → Its properties appear in the Property Editor. 

  4. Enter a desired value at: 

    Property Editor ▶ Selected Line ▶ Curved Side Geometry ▶ Curvature (%)

    → The curvature is now being applied according to the entered value. 

※ Note: The maximum Curvature (%) value is 50 percent (%) of the fabric thickness.
For instance, if the fabric thickness is being set at 1mm, the maximum Curvature (%) is 0.5mm.



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    Rahul Verma

    It does not do anything for me. Does anyone know how to work with the edge of the fabric, to make it look realistic?