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Add Arrangement Point



Add new Arrangement Point on the Bound Volume as needed.

※ Note: Without corresponding Bounding Volume, the Arrangement Point is invisible.


Main Menu ▶ Avatar ▶ Avatar Editor ▶ Arrangement ▶ Arrangement PointAdd


  1. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Main Menu ▶ Avatar ▶ Avatar Editor ▶ Arrangement ▶ Arrangement Point ▶ Add

    A new arrangement point called "Arrangement Point" is now being created at the bottom of the A-Point list in the Arrangement tab, and its properties appear in the Property Editor.

  2. Set details for Arrangement Point.

    Name   Changes the name of the Arrangement Point.
    Arrangement Arrangement BV   Selects the Bounding Volume where the Arrangement Point to be placed.
    X   Moves the Arrangement Point left and right.
    Y   Moves the Arrangement Point up and down.
    Offset   Sets the distance between the Avatar and the Arrangement Point.
    Wrap Direction   The direction in which the Pattern wrapped around the Avatar.

※ Note:

Symmetric Arrangement Point Setting

Name the Arrangement Point with an underscore and location (R for right and L for left) at the end of the name to set Symmetric Arrangement Point. The name must be the same as the name before the underscore and the alphabet. All arrangement points apart from the Avatar's body are symmetrically set by default from CLO Enterprise 3.0 (ver3.0). 

Follow the indicated steps below to save the Avatar and Arrangement Points, and reload to apply the setting. Light-blue outer line appears around the Symmetric Arrangement Point.

Save Avatar:

Main Menu ▶ File ▶ Save as ▶ Avatar 

Save Arrangement Point: 
Main Menu ▶ Avatar ▶ Avatar Editor ▶ Arrangement ▶ Arrangement Point ▶ Save 


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