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Fold Seam Line



Use this function to create an pressing effect on sewn parts of Patterns.


Pattern Property Editor ▶ Fold ▶ Fold Angle 


  1. Click on  Edit Sewing tool.

  2. Select the seamline to change its fold angle.

  3. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Pattern Property Editor ▶ Fold ▶ Fold Angle 

  4. Adjust the value, in the range of 0~360˚.

※ Note: 
  • The value of fold angle is in between 0° to 360°, 180° represents a flat state.
    The internal line is folded towards the front of the pattern as the fold angle is closer to 0˚, and is folded into the back of the pattern as the angle is closer to 360˚.

  • Fold Strength

    The intensity of the fold is able to be set by adjusting the value of Fold Strength. The higher the value, the closer the fold is to the set angle. When a jacket and its lining are sewn together, the sewn area inflates due to the default sewing angle and intensity values. In this case, sets the Fold Strength to 0 to flatten the sewn boundaries.

  • When the Sewing type is set as Turned, Fold Strength and Fold Angle cannot be modified (ver4.0.0).


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