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Fold Pattern



Use this function to create a pressing effect by adjusting the angle of Pattern's Internal Line, for instance, pressed lines of formal trousers, fold direction of pleats.


Pattern Property Editor ▶ Fold ▶ Fold Angle 


  1. Click on an Internal Line with  Transform Pattern or  Edit Pattern.
  2. Follow the indicated guideline below:

    Pattern Property Editor ▶ Fold ▶ Fold Angle 

  3. Adjust the value of Fold Angle as desired.

※ Note:

Fold Strength

  Sets the angle closer as the value increases. 
  The value range is in between 0 to 20.

Fold Angle

  Sets the value in the range of 0˚ to 360˚, 180˚ represents a flat state.
  The internal line is folded towards the front of the pattern as the fold angle is closer to 0˚, and is folded into the back of the pattern as the angle is closer to 360˚.

Fold Rendering   Sets whether the pleats to have soft or sharp edges according to user preference. 


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